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Engagement Framework

Engagement Framework

Canadian Roots Exchange

September 21, 2021

Canadian Roots Exchange is a national charity that builds bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in Canada by facilitating dialogue and strengthening relationships through leadership programs and CRE’s Initiatives.

In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Call to Action 66, a key deliverable of CRE’s pilot program, CRE has begun to build The Network, which entails establishing “…a national network to share information and best practices.”

The Engagement Framework works as an important component of this initiative as it outlines CRE’s engagement protocols and principles with Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in all relationships and partnerships. This piece has been co-developed with staff and youth through respectful engagement. The priority is to establish an active, ethical reconciliation process that includes guidance around data sovereignty, consent, and respectful and reciprocal relationship building between parties participating in engagement initiatives. Distinctions-based Indigenous worldviews will be cemented within the framework, in addition to ensuring the framework is flexible and fluid. The framework encourages other groups and organizations to utilize the principles and practices within their own policies and procedures for engaging with Indigenous youth and communities. To learn more about CRE’s programs and The Network please visit their website or contact network@canadianroots.ca