Truth and Reconciliation, Racial Justice, and Equity

Truth and Reconciliation, Racial Justice, and Equity

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Not sure how to begin or extend your organization’s commitment to anti-racism, equity, and inclusion?

You can start here with our curated list of resources that address systemic and institutional racism, and offer ways for organizations to work towards racial justice. If some of the terms and concepts are new for you, check out the glossary from Racial Equity Tools to help guide you and your organization.

Nonprofits may be at different stages of their journey in addressing Truth and Reconciliation, racial justice and equity. We encourage you to read through the list and to recommend or share resources. In addition to these resources we invite you to reflect on the following questions to support your journey:

  1. What is your organizational goal in advancing integrating recommendations that are part of TRC? How does your organization want to address racial justice and equity?
  2. Who can support the work within your organization? Do you need to strike an internal committee? Is there external expertise needed?
  3. Have you connected with employees and stakeholders within your organization to get a sense of their needs?
  4. How do you intend to build relationships with local BIPOC communities and organizations?

It’s okay if you or your organization doesn’t have all the answers; part of the journey will support these questions being answered. 

For the next three years at ONN through our decent work movement building, we will be focusing on Reconciliation and racial justice within the nonprofit sector. Our commitment to the sector will include regular updates to this page with resources that are created through the project. 

  • Learn more about diverse representation across boards of directors in Canada through Diversity Leads 2020

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