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Virtual Care Resource Guide

Virtual Care Resource Guide

Empowered Kids Ontario

August 6, 2020

COVID-19, health, pandemic

This Virtual Care Resource Guide is intended as an informational resource to support organizations in assessing Virtual Care options and implementing Virtual Care services. The information, templates and resources provided in this Guide are representative only and are not intended as business or legal advice.
Each organization must consider its own unique circumstances, regulatory obligations and risk profile when implementing forms and policies. Organizations are cautioned to engage in their own assessment of the risks and limitations when selecting Virtual Care platforms, including privacy and security risks. As you are quickly assessing service delivery in a virtual environment, enacting new processes and embracing new ways of thinking about the workplace, operations and service provision, Empowered Kids Ontario has produced this guide to help you. We’ve brought together information and resources into one place to address questions big and small—from choosing a Virtual Care platform and figuring out costs to engaging staff and supporting clients in new ways.