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Best Practices for Employers to Manage COVID-19 Cases

Best Practices for Employers to Manage COVID-19 Cases

Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP

July 27, 2020

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A woman wears a mask while touching her forehead in front of a bottle of hand sanitizer

What if, despite taking all reasonable and practical measures in the circumstances of the particular workplace, to prevent an infection, you get that call – you have a COVID case. The prospect of a case or outbreak, and its economic or reputational impact at this time, particularly as businesses are reopening and being re-established after months of the impact of the pandemic, will be daunting. Based on available legislation, and public health guidance, Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP recommends the following step-by-step analysis and process for any report of a workplace COVID-19 case (note that additional steps may be required in a healthcare facility or hospital).